Materials and workmanship

It's no secret to anyone that Purity Pool's specialty, not to mention "bread and butter" is nets. With five scoop/rake frames, two pull-rake frames, and five bag designs, for a total of eighteen available configurations, we believe we have the options covered. However, variety is just part of the story. What really sets Purity nets apart from the competition is the quality materials and workmanship that go into every product we make.

From the inside out

Don't be fooled by products that look similar to ours. There are differences that you cannot see. First off, we start with the best alluminum alloy for the job (no, we don't tell anyone what alloy that is!) and with our own special in-house process we treat the metal frames to ensure optimum durability. The original Ultra-Lite and the Spa Scoop use a thinner, super lightweight frame, and all of the others use the thicker more heavy duty material.

Slippery when wet

The plastic rims used on Purity nets are all made of a special blend of polymers, designed with a high oil content. This means that the rims glide more often than scrape on pool surfaces, prolonging the life of your most important tool. Purity's plastic rims also use the thickest plastic in the heaviest wear areas. Of course, when the edge does wear down, it can be renewed quickly with a Leading Edge replacement.

A bag for every purpose

We all know the amazing variety of things that are found in pools. Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfil a recent request for a net to remove a Volvo from a pool, but we think we have everything else covered. As for quality, it's simple; we get the best net materials on the market and sew all of our nets ourselves, with every seam stitched three times.

  • Our "Standard" blue net is easy to see through and cut into the traditional rounded shape. All of the other scoops have a more efficient deep tapered design to minimize drag and hold in debris.
  • The "Tuff Duty" material withstands the most abuse and rough plaster.
  • The "Rag Bag" design is the ideal time-saver, emptying with an easy flip of the wrist..
  • For super low drag when collecting larger debris, the "Leaf Chaser" is ideal.
  • The "Silt" bag is the best net available for collecting the finest debris.

Of course, since all of our nets are designed for service, the Rag Bag, Leaf Chaser, and Silt nets are assembled with a special backing to protect them from premature wear.

Getting a handle on things

Manufacturers of professional scoops and rakes have always battled the tendency for frames to weaken and wear excessively at the handle. Purity Pool has won this battle with the new Enforcer™ handle. The Enforcer’s unique Y-shape support relieves stress at the handle and distributes pressure along the frame. The culmination of over 2 years of development and testing, the Enforcer is now shipping on all Purity Pool scoops.

The Enforcer has been an outstanding hit, and has proven to perform its job even better than expected, making all Purity Pool frames much stronger than they had been in the past.

To make it even easier to replace the v-clip, the newest Enforcer handles ship with a special slot and opposing hole. The clip can be replaced in seconds using this method, eliminating any need to ever disassemble the handle itself.

The now infamous Red Baron and Gator logos

Ultra-Lite Rim and Frame found on Ultra-Lite and Spa Scoop models

Heavy Duty Rim & Frame found on Pro-Lite, Red Baron, Gator, SuperRake and SkimmerRake models

Bag Materials

Enforcer™ Handle

New v-clip replacement method

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