SuperRake 40

  • 40" wide, 24" deep
  • Easy to use and empty
  • Collects piles of debris faster and easier than leaf vacuums with no setup time
  • Pull-rake design for efficient maneuverability
  • Can be configured as a scoop with included adapter to reach tough areas

SuperRake 40 (shown with Tuff Duty bag)
The big net! We generally notice that the people that don't need it laugh at it, and for them, congratulations! For the rest of you who fight with pools surrounded by trees or live in seasonal areas, this could be your new favorite tool! Also great for ponds, fountains, etc. Bags available:

SkimmerRake 48

  • 48" wide, 10" deep
  • A complete, efficient surface cleaner
  • Silt bag capable of collecting fine debris such as pollen, tiny insects, sand, etc.

SkimmerRake 48 (shown with silt bag)
Yes, you read it right. This rake is four feet wide! Designed just for the surface, it covers huge areas with very little effort, saving time and doing a job sometimes not possible with other methods. Also an amazing tool for large fountains. Bags available:

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