• 18" wide, 18" deep (standard net 16" deep)
  • The original "SuperScoop" released in 1971
  • The first net ever released with a turned leading edge, and the first with straight sides to hug the tile line.
  • Lightweight metal
Ultra-Lite (shown with Standard bag)
"Leaf Rakes" got their name for their traditional design, intended to be pulled back to "rake" in leaves. First released as the "SuperScoop" in 1971, the Ultra-Lite was the industry's first true scoop/rake combination, efficient at collecting debris in forward and backward motions. Constantly improved over the years and now with replaceable parts, the Ultra-Lite is the strongest, most efficient lightweight net available anywhere. Bags available:

Spa Scoop

  • 14" wide, 18" deep
  • A complete spa cleaner
  • Silt bag capable of collecting fine debris such as pollen, tiny insects, sand, etc.
  • Long tapered bag holds in debris
Spa Scoop (shown with Silt Bag)
By far the best net for spas, the Purity Spa Scoop has a long tapered bag (with the protective backing on the silt bag), on a compact and maneuverable 14" frame. At this size and with the Enforcer handle, the frame is super durable. A Spa Scoop with the silt bag can easily replace other methods of spa cleaning. With the system off, simply net everything you can reach. Then, stir up the water and turn on the system and the filter will get the rest! Bags available:

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